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We are committed to the goal that our clients’ homes will bring them pleasure for a lifetime. To that end, we offer an annual service contract that features bi-annual maintenance visits from our service team.

To continue our clients’ excellent experience of their newly remodeled or built home, our team will conduct on-site inspections, make routine repairs as needed, and provide a plan for deeper service. Deeper service if offered ┬áto the various systems of the home such as windows, gutter, HVAC systems.

We offer our service contracts to individuals whose home was built by contractors other than Total Concepts. Many clients have come to our Service Team after recently purchasing an existing home. They are seeking a thorough service to be performed as they assume ownership, desiring to refresh and renew their new home. Clients often take this transition opportunity to make alternations to the purchased home that will more deeply reflect their own unique tastes in living space.

For new service clients, the service contract begins with a thorough, onsite inspection, followed by a report of recommendations,. Our service team will conduct the approved service items and work with industry specialist where it is most beneficial to our client.

Please contact us to make further inquiry or if we can answer any question for you.