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Our approach to all projects includes the development of an excellent build team to collaboratively serve in bringing life to our client’s vision and dream for their new home. We intentionally are neither a single person operation nor a large corporate contractor.  We have designed our approach to be personal and responsive, embracing the relational side of business. We emphasize the importance of having the professional, systemic, and communication tools that produce the quality expected in building superior architecturally designed homes.

Our preferred approach in building any project is to utilize an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model. IPD is a construction project delivery method that forms the Owner, Architect, General Contractor, Designers, Engineers, and Primary Subcontractors into a Team from the inception of a project. This process offers benefits to the client as well as the architect and builder. Specifically, it strengthens the build team’s ability to bring the clients’ dream to reality with an emphasis on efficiency and cost effectiveness by utilizing every member’s strength and area of expertise. With a foundation of informed and intentional planning, this team process is guided by the principles of trust, transparency, effective collaboration, open information sharing, value-based decision making, and mutual respect.