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First Meetings

At the outset, we find it of great value to meet one-on-one with our potential clients to get a sense of the vision, desires, and needs for the project.

Building a home is an exercise in trust and respect with open and transparent communication. These initial meetings have the potential to begin that journey. We want to listen well and be intentional in hearing what is important to you. We understand the importance of being on the same page but it is also our heartfelt intention to honor you and your dream.

Our first times together are not about selling ourselves but an opportunity to understand if we are the right persons to build your dream. Each of us needs to feel good about moving forward together. Part of that process could include walking your land, looking at photos, and hearing your story.

If you like we could also show you a current project that we’re working on nearby to help you get a sense of what’s to come in the construction process. Likewise we could also show you previous projects that are complete.

At these initial meetings we can begin discussing the stages of our IPD process and how it could relate to the building of your home.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us!