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Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties in Northern California are some of the most scenic and beautiful locations in the United States. The topography is a variety of micro climates from coastal bluffs and mountains to river valleys and redwood groves. Oak, Madrone, Douglas Fir and Redwoods fill the mountains and valleys with picturesque views. Opportunities for outdoor experiences are limited only by one’s imagination and unction.

The cities and towns within the region carry history from before statehood and provide interesting side trips for weekend excursions. Parks and lakes give expression to various forms of recreation.

The landscape abounds with vineyards. Throughout the region there is an abundance of world renowned wineries favoring the taste of wine connoisseurs.

Our region, though best known as a hub for excellent wines, also enjoys agricultural diversity found in the dairy, fruit orchard and small organic farm industries. The area is famous for its farm-to-table emphasis in the many world-renowned restaurants and eateries.

The architecturally designed homes and estates we build, like the region, reflect the diversity, creativity and passion of those who have chosen to live, work and relax here with friends and family. We also remodel existing homes, build barns, wineries and guest homes within this same geographically region

If there is any way we can serve you in consulting on a building site or planning a new home please contact us.